Our project


The educational currents Dolto, Freinet, Montessori, have demonstrated the very clear relationship that exists between the environment, the affective climate that surrounds the child and the development of the neuronal areas of the brain. The various discoveries in neuroscience allow us to understand how the child develops, what neurological mechanisms are implemented in his various learning processes. We are inspired by the contributions of these different pedagogies in our practices with children. Our teams are trained in the fundamentals of neuroscience applied to early childhood and in the consideration of scientific knowledge in their professional practices in connection with the definition of the educational project.

The basics of our project

Offer a personalized and individualized welcome for each child

Feed their intellectual curiosity by proposing a space layout designed for them and adapted awakening times

Ensuring the physical and emotional safety of children

Promote meetings between children to help them build their communication code

Adaptation trial

To promote the well-being of the child within the establishment, an adaptation trial is organized the week of his arrival. This step will introduce parents to the life of La Marelle and will allow us to refine the links between families and staff.


At La Marelle the children will listen to nursery rhymes and songs in English daily.

In addition to free play time, various workshops are presented every day by professionals to encourage young children to discover and experiment.

Our methods

The 6 learning areas covered during the day with the children : Living together, Structuring one’s thoughts, Discovery of the world of objects, matter, life and time, Acting and expressing oneself with one’s body, art in all its forms and mobilize language in all its dimensions both orally and in writing.

To capture the maximum attention of children, we encourage them to move from one workshop to another without exceeding the duration of 20 minutes.

But LA MARELLE also works with some aspects of Montessori pedagogy which is an alternative method of education. This pedagogy is suitable for every child. Its concrete and scientific material leads the child towards abstract thinking and allows everyone to evolve according to their sensitivities and needs. Our main objective is to promote the awakening, the senses, the openness to the world and the development of the child while respecting his pace of learning and his interests.

The waking times

An environment that is both rich and secure will provide the child with what he needs to build himself. In this sense, we have defined various play areas so that each child can find an answer to their need for exploration and encounters at any time of the day.

In addition to free play time, various workshops are presented every day by professionals to encourage discovery and experimentation by young children.

Sleeping schedule

Naps are crucial for the child’s day. We ensure:

Respect the rhythms of each child regardless of the time and the organization set up by the structure.

Respect your sleeping rituals (comforter, pacifier, etc.) Promote falling asleep by creating a safe place suitable for each child.

A specific place will be dedicated to him so that he feels good in a place designed for him. For the youngest, falling asleep can start in the arms or in the living room so as not to lose sight of the adult.

Supervise the entire nap time by the childcare assistant

Le repas

All the menus offered by “Yum in a box” are developed by dieticians to guarantee the children receive varied and balanced meals. For children whose parents will provide a briefcase, we will also ensure that it is balanced.

This approach is part of our desire to create a moment of pleasure and sensory awakening for each meal.

The "plus" with La Marelle

Les intervenants extérieurs

During the school year, external contributors will enrich the work of the team, by bringing their know-how and their techniques: puppets, storytellers, musicians, body awareness and sport. They will be qualified and competent people, who have all the experience of early childhood.

Among them there will be a musician who regularly offers musical awakening workshops to introduce children to sounds and rhythms. The sessions revolve around songs, nursery rhymes and manipulation of instruments. These musical experiences without borders allow the child to explore the world of sound.

Body awakening speakers to awaken the sensations of the little ones and relaxation workshops for the older ones. This will bring them safety, well-being and awareness of their body.

A sports coach, who offers fun workshops each time different in music, trampoline, course, tunnel, beam, to develop and strengthen coordination and balance.

And finally a storyteller who comes once a week to read us new adventures and perform a puppet show once a month.

The gentle approach

More than a method, the “Snoezelen approach” is a support process, a state of mind, a positioning of listening and observation, based on proposals for stimulation and sensory explorations, favoring the notion to take care of”. Our “Snoezelen corner” is cozy and reassuring.

Baby body langague

Before even knowing how to speak, babies can communicate by gestures: “I’m hungry”, “I’m hot”, “I’m cold”, “It’s good”: thanks to a few elementary signs, toddlers little ones will learn to tell the LA MARELLE team or their parents about their desires or anxieties, without this interfering with learning to speak.

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