Raising awareness, encouraging, transmitting.


La Marelle is a place of learning, curiosity and stimulation with the aim of helping children to flourish!

We welcome your children in a secure space rich in possibilities, allowing them to evolve at their own pace and in accordance with their family environment.

Our values

We put at the center of our approach and our practices, the human relationship that allows us to offer the child and his family a living environment that is fulfilling and reassuring.

Our services

Our structure offers many additional services such as meals or the possibility of a means of transport so that your child arrives and leaves in complete safety.

Our infrastructure

La Marelle is located at Jumeirah 3 and it is easy to park there. Our establishment consists of several floors but also covered outdoor play areas.


Neuroscience enlightens us on “How the child perceives and understands the world”.

Our educational project is based on the latest knowledge in neuroscience, so that our early childhood professionals respond optimally to the need for emotional security of young children and their brain plasticity.


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