Health & Safety

With Covid-19

Wearing a mask is mandatory for nursery staff and visitors.

Hand washing on arrival at the establishment with soap and water.

Mandatory wearing of overshoes for adults entering the building.

Wearing slippers for 2-4 year olds.

Marking of the floor at the entrance to organize any queues, respecting one and a half meters of distance between each parent-child group.

The parents’ presence time is limited to 15 minutes within the establishment, except during the familiarization period and during visits.

Ventilation of living spaces several times a day.

Disinfection and cleaning of surfaces, toys, play areas, meals or changing rooms after each use.


Staff trained in first aid.

Accidents and incidents listed and notified to parents as soon as possible.

Daily presence of a nurse approved by the DHA.

The entire establishment is monitored by surveillance cameras.

The security guard is always present during the opening hours of the crèche.

Gates that cannot be opened by children are installed in stairwells and in all places dangerous to them.

The form below must be completed following any accident or injury involving a child during childcare hours :


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