About us

Our founder

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With over twenty years of experience in the French school system (AEFE), at LA MARELLE I am in charge of the educational, pedagogical, logistical, administrative and financial aspects, along with the children’s safety, health and development. I co-ordinate the different education initiatives and implement activities with the support of our team. I ensure the proper follow-up and execution of the educational project, while ensuring regulatory requirements are met, particularly in terms of hygiene.

Thoroughness, interpersonal skills, a strong sense of responsibility and the capacity to manage a multidisciplinary team are the assets that enable me to have an excellent relationship with the team and the parents. I chose to set up LA MARELLE precisely for my passion for the profession, my love of children and my infinite patience.

Our values

Caring for others

Our aim is to provide a secure environment for each child, allowing us to support the parent-child process of separation in a progressive and caring way.

To ensure your child’s well-being at La Marelle, we offer a period of familiarization the week of arrival. This will give you the opportunity to get familiar with the daily routine of our facility and get to know one another better.

In a rich and secure environment, children will discover and acquire all they need to build their own future. To achieve this goal, we have set up various play areas to meet the needs of children for exploring and meeting new people.

Our team offers a range of workshops to help children discover the world and mathematics, as well as experiment and acquire new skills.

Our commitment

A complete commitment, indissociable from our profession and our mission. Our team is united by our child-centred goal.

Our wells

We partnered with a Dubai-based foundation in order to provide a well for every twenty children enrolled in our nursery in a school in Africa. Once completed, there will be six functioning water sources. In parallel with free play time, various workshops are offered every day by our professional team, encouraging young children to discover and experiment.


To stimulate creativity and imagination among children, what better way than by recycling day-to-day items and transforming them into something else? We’ll work with your child to raise their awareness of the importance of recycling, and gradually get them to adopt the “little green gestures”. We’ll provide them with three-colored garbage cans, and initiate them through games.


Our approach and initiatives are driven by a genuine positive energy. By combining education with “living together” and creativity, our daily routine becomes a magnificent experience for everyone. This positive energy fuels our policy of continuous training.

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