About us

Our founder

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With twenty years’ experience in French establishments (AEFE), I am responsible at LA MARELLE for educational, pedagogical, logistical, administrative and financial management, but also for safety, health and child development. I coordinate the various educational actions and I set up the activities with the help of the team. I ensure the implementation and monitoring of the educational project, while being the guarantor of compliance with the regulatory framework, mainly in terms of hygiene.

Rigor, relational ease, sense of responsibility and ability to manage a multidisciplinary team are my strengths which allow me to have an excellent relationship with the team and the parents. It is because I am passionate about this profession, that I love children and that I can show unfailing patience that I chose to create LA MARELLE.

Our values

Caring for others

We take care to welcome the child in a safe environment, thus allowing us to support the separation between parent and child in a progressive and benevolent way.

To promote the child’s well-being at La Marelle, an adaptation period is organized the week of their arrival. This step will introduce you to the life of our establishment and allow us to get to know each other better.

In a rich and secure environment, the child will discover and appropriate what he needs to build himself. For this, we have defined various play spaces to allow him to find an answer to his need for exploration and meeting.

Different workshops for discovering the world and mathematics will be offered by our team to promote discoveries, experimentation and the acquisition of different notions.

Our commitment

A requirement that is total and inseparable from our profession and our mission. Our team is united by a common goal focused on the child.

Our wells

We have entered into a partnership with a charity in Dubai to build a well in a school in Africa, for every twenty enrollments in our crèche. When we are complete, there will be 6 functional wells. In addition to free play time, various workshops are presented every day by professionals to encourage young children to discover and experiment.


To stimulate the creativity and imagination of children, what better than recycling everyday objects to divert them from their uses? We will work with your child on raising awareness of recycling and will slowly make him adopt “little green gestures”. Three colored bins will be at their disposal and we will initiate them through games.


A real positive force drives us and gives meaning to our approach and our actions. By associating pedagogy with “living together” and creativity, our daily life becomes a magnificent adventure for all. This energy feeds into our continuing education policy.

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